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Sodium: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Sodium has an impact on blood pressure.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Sodium Rich Foods for Vegetarians
2981%38758mgsalt, table (100g)
228%2964mgcapers, canned (100g)
221%2873mgtofu (salted and fermented) (100g)
139%1809mgcheese, roquefort (blue) (100g)
120%1556mgolive, pickled, canned or bottled, green (100g)
118%1529mgcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
109%1419mgwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100g)
107%1395mgcheese, blue (100g)
107%1387mgbuckwheat pancakes dry mix (100g)
105%1370mgcheese, processed, swiss (100g)
105%1369mgcanned bell pepper (100g)
103%1338mgchili sauce (100g)
101%1307mgsauces, mustard, brown, prepared, ready-to-serve (100g)
98%1270mgself-rising wheat flour (100g)
95%1238mgcroutons, seasoned (100g)
93%1208mgpickles, cucumber, sour (100g)
90%1173mgcanned hot chili pepper (100g)
87%1135mgsauces, ready-to-serve, mustard, prepared, yellow (100g)
86%1119mgsauce, barbecue, ready-to-serve (100g)
86%1116mgcheese, feta (100g)
85%1105mgkellogg's rice krispies (100g)
81%1048mgspirulina (100g)
79%1033mgleclerc crispy rice (100g)
78%1010mgchili powder (100g)
74%967mgleclerc corn flakes (100g)
74%965mgcheese, edam (100g)
73%943mgmargarine (100g)
72%930mgkellogg's special k (100g)
70%913mggeneral mills cheerios (100g)
68%889mgsnacks, popcorn, cheese (100g)
67%872mgolive, ripe, canned, small to extra large (100g)
67%872mgwakame (100g)
67%870mgkellogg's all bran (100g)
67%869mgkellogg's bran flakes (100g)
65%842mgcheese, camembert (100g)
64%836mgfrench salad dressing (100g)
64%827mgbutter, whipped (100g)
63%819mgcheese, gouda (100g)
63%815mgkellogg's crispix (100g)
63%813mgpeanuts (100g)
58%750mgbarbecue potato chips (100g)
57%744mgcroissant, butter (100g)
56%722mgnachos with cheese (100g)
55%720mgkellogg's corn flakes (100g)
55%711mglight mayonnaise (100g)
54%698mgcroutons, plain (100g)
52%671mgpumpernickel bread (100g)
52%670mggeneral mills golden grahams (100g)
51%661mgsauerkraut (100g)
51%660mgbread, rye (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Sodium Rich Foods for Vegetarians
188%2442mgtofu (salted and fermented) (85g)
109%1412mgchili with beans (250ml)
99%1289mgpea soup (250ml)
78%1013mgcanned bell pepper (125ml halves)
78%1011mgnachos with cheese (140g)
66%854mgvichy saint-yorre (500ml)
65%840mgwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)
59%771mgegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
57%741mgpotato salad (140g)
38%496mgsauerkraut (125ml drained)
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